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Friday 2 August 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Office, Tatty Devine & Aldo

In the words of Frank Sinatra, "come spend with me, let's spend, let's spend our pay!".


Mina printed dress, £35 (was £65), ASOS

I love chevron stripes. Wear this Mina dress from ASOS, and you'll be able to pootle around the nation's roads, filling in for tired and weary road signs while they have a much-needed wee and grab an overpriced sandwich and a tin of travel sweets from the nearest Welcome Break. There may be some confusion about which direction you're pointing in, but it'll just keep everyone on their toes.

Toby Sicilian dress, £50 (was £70), Oasis

The print on this Toby dress from Oasis is apparently 'inspired by summer days in Sicily'. All I can see is someone who looks suspiciously like Bonnie Prince Charlie, but I suppose since he was born in Rome, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Oasis have indeed been 'inspired by one very specific summer day in Sicily, when Bonnie Prince Charlie (who happened to be having a quick break from hiding in caves on Skye) was soaking up a bit of sunshine while simultaneously realising that kilts - despite their appearance to the contrary - really aren't a good hot weather choice'.

Points to Oasis for immortalising this little-known moment in history on such a pretty dress, right?


Darling Leah bag, £29 (was £55), Oasis

According to Oasis, this Leah bag by Darling is 100% PLSE UPD. What is that, knowledgeable Slutettes? To me, it just looks like someone left their abbreviation for PLEASE UPDATE in the product description. Y'know, the same kind of person who signs off their emails with Kd Rgds because you are SIMPLY NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH for them to waste their PRECIOUS TIME on spelling out words properly. 

Nice bag though, innit? Lacy. 

Satchel, £17.50 (was £22), ASOS

The appearance of sustained and formidable sunshine has left me wanting to dress like an ice cream at all times. If I'm going to spend my days melting, I want to take my aesthetic lead from the world's #1 melting specialist. This pastel satchel from ASOS is a delicious shade of frozen dessert - I'm not sure what flavour it would be. Possibly some kind of lavender concoction. Yummy.


MONVATOO London wild rabbit ring, £56.70 (was £80), Fab

This is either a very small rabbit, or some freakishly large toadstools. Either way, I want MONVATOO London's wild rabbit ring on my finger right now.

Pink blossom sprig necklace, £45 (was £65), Tatty Devine

I've been lusting after Tatty Devine's blossom sprig necklace for quite some time now. Down to £45, it's definitely cheaper than a holiday to Japan to see the cherry blossom, with the added bonus of being in bloom all year round.


Petal brogues, £17 (was £30), Office

We can't get enough of brogues this week at DSHQ. These Petal brogues from Office are a gorgeous addition to our most-wanted list. Shiny orange! Covered in tiny cut-out daisies! Bouncy soles! Gimme.

Mille flats, £29.98 (was £40), Aldo

Ooh, I think these Mille flats from Aldo are just smashing. You could achieve the same effect by covering your toes in superglue and running through a jewellery box, but that might be a) quite sticky, and b) upsetting for the owner of the jewellery box. These are also available in a colour described as Black Miscellaneous, which I can now confidently reveal to you is... black.

Anyone bought anything spectacularly good this week? I think I should be the first to know, if so. 


  1. to brogue or not to brogue that is the question, bit on the stumpy side at 5'4'....going to do it anway

    1. Brogue, definitely! At £17, they're a pretty risk free buy (and also very pretty).

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