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Tuesday 5 July 2011

The Notpad

I mock the iPad for the same reasons most people do. Reason 1? It's a little bit pointless and unnecessary, isn't it? Reason 2? I really really want one and I'm really jealous of those who do have one.

I can't afford one, so instead I'm going to get myself a Notpad from Firebox. This clever little notepad looks like an iPad. But it's really just paper for you to scribble on instead. The acetate front sheet makes it look shiny too. OK, £10.99 is expensive for a 60 page notebook. But it's funny, so that's OK. I'm also seeing potential present tricks to play on people, but that would be very mean indeed.


  1. It's a great idea - but if my other half buys me one as a joke and I'm unwrapping it thinking it's a real ipad, it will be divorce at the very least!

  2. It would be hilarious if someone had also bought you a real one.

  3. I utterly adore Domestic Sluttery, but this has to be said: please, please, please can you check for typos before posting? It's really distracting and makes you guys look so much less professional than I know you are!


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