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Friday 1 July 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Amber and Jade

I have to confess, if I get a tweet that start “Attack of the large foot ladies!” I tend to get a bit cross. Happily, should I then see “You fashionistas won't know what hit you!” and a link to a shop for women with large trotters my mood instantly improves a trillion-fold.

Amber and Jade have shops in Spitalfields and Greenwich and a very nice website for those who live close to neither or can’t be bothered to get on the Tube (me).

Absolutely amazingly though, they sell shoes that go up to a 12 as standard and can order in size 13s! NOBODY does that. At least, nobody does that with nice shoes, or shoes that don’t have stonking great heels to boot (Long Tall Sally, I’m looking owlishly at you)

Here are some that I would like in my life. They’re all quite pricey because they’re made with proper leather and materials that won’t instantly rot the minute you set foot outside.

Greta Coco, £74

Hayley Violet, £49 (also available in black patent)

The Evelyn, £69 (also available in black croc)

I love the material choices! The black croc ones are absolutely stunning (but down to the very last few pairs) and having spent years trolling around in ballet pumps wincing every time my heel struck the pavement, I'm really old-womanly pleased that the flats have a good solid heel to protect your feet.

Definitely a shop worth keeping an eye on, especially for you girls with size 10 and up which are really difficult to buy for on the high street.

(Quick add: A reader on Facebook has just mourned her large (and wide) feet. Amber and Jade come in two width fittings, average and narrow, but if you do have wide feet you can always head to DUO who also do wide. Happy shopping!)


  1. WHERE in Greenwich is this shop?! I've never seen it. Which means there's a decent shoe shop in Greenwich that I've not been to.

  2. Greenwich Market!

    In fact gosh - that is my bad. I read it on the site as there being proper actual shops but it turns out they pop up at the markets at Spitalfields and Greenwich rather than having a dedicated shop. You can email them to request specific styles and sizes at [email protected]

  3. Aaaah, I see. I've only got size sixes, but I always get excited about Greenwich's independent shops!

  4. High heels are GREAT because they make your feet look smaller! And they're harder to walk out of than flat pumps (I'm size 10 AA). Have a pair of A&J, they're ok for the office but sadly not comfortable for walking in for longer than 5 mins (for me, anyway). I would also recommend Magnus, but more for boots as their shoes tend to be a wide C fitting. Crispins are another specialist, but most of their styles are dorky. And yes, Duo for boots, but they have limited large sizes (and their shoe range is too wide for me!).


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