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Thursday 7 July 2011

A small piece of Minä Perhonen

Oh dear. I've discovered another new clothing brand that I'm most definitely not allowed to spend my money on. It's called Minä Perhonen and is a Japanese company, available on these shores through the wonders of the internet and Couverture and The Garbstore. I've been spending lots of time trying desperately not to look at this bag, to avert my eyes from this cardigan and especially not lusting over this gorgeous dress. My poor wallet can't handle it.

Thankfully most of their prettiest patterns are also available on a much smaller scale as handkerchiefs. For only £15 each, you could use them to frame for a colourful piece of art, cover up a grotty piece of furniture, tie them jauntily around your neck, craftily make a couple into cushion cover ... or even use them to blow your nose. The possibilities are endless.

This is the Paradis handkerchief (a much cheaper alternative to the dress). Look at the lovely ladylike scallops of its trim.

Another pretty trim, paired with a great design. If I were to chose one of the designs to attempt to make into a cushion cover, the Famille handkerchief would be it.

This Star trip handkerchief is the poor lady's alternative to the oh-so-cute cardigan. I love the unexpected of the beast and the moon. This surely deserves a better use than wiping down a snotty nose (though I'm sure it'll be very good at that too).

Lovely though these are, I'm still buying a ticket for Friday's Euromillions lottery in the hope that I'll be able to afford some of Minä Perhonen's clothes too. Handy then that this is also for sale - possibly the thing that will help me win my euros...

Yes, for £15 the Sometimes Lucky hairpin will be mine. Extremely cute and reasonably priced, even if it isn't me who's in the money come this Friday night.


  1. Minä Perhonen. Sounds decidedly Finnish, no? Pretty prints indeed!

  2. Yes, absolutely. Apparently they are inspired by Finnish design - hence the name!


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