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Thursday 11 August 2011

Bargain Buy: Long Tall Sally Patchwork Dress

No! Don't run away screaming just yet. When I first saw this dress on Long Tall Sally's website, my instinct was to go "What the HELL has happened to my eyes. But it's so PRETTY!"

On screen, it looks like a frenzied cartoon painted by a kindergarten high on E numbers. Still, something about it grabbed me, and I ordered it.

An excellent shopping choice on my part. It's incredibly flattering, one of those frocks which is just easy to wear. It floats over the hips, comes just below the knee and has a lovely halterneck. It also hangs really well, which I wasn't expecting given the slightly odd not-quite-empire, not-quite-waist line.

Here's me modelling it at my recent garden party. I say modelling, it's clearly me picking a ball out of the flowerbed. See? Adaptable. It's also beautifully accessorised with blue, and several bottles of wine.

It was £60, but you can snap it up for £35 in sizes 10-22. Go!


  1. It's like wine bottles grow in your garden.

  2. Sort of unrelated but I did just want to agree with your cracking accessorising there - that blue goes beautifully!
    I really want this dress. If it's still there on payday, I'm on it like sonic.

  3. I want to be tall.

  4. WHOOP! Go Laura. And Carol, it's really fun until it isn't.


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