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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Love the Rain Butterfly Cuff

It seems only right that I feature Love the Rain today, because I secretly do love the rain. I love getting caught in it*, I love thunder and lightening, I love hiding inside from it. Rain is actually quite fun, even if it makes my hair frizzy.

But Love the Rain is excellent too. It's full of gorgeous homewares and jewellery and designer bits (including these Fornasetti cushions that I can't afford no matter how much I adore them). I'm most taken with this gold butterfly cuff at the moment. It might be raining a bit, but that doesn't mean that my jewellery can't be summery. It's by Beautiful Bazaar and it's £75. Certain to flutter away rainy blues.

*Not if it's rainy and windy and cold, I'm not stupid. Cold and windy rain is rubbish.


  1. I secretly love the rain too! I try not to tell too many people as they get quite angry about it, rain-haters, tsk.

  2. They do get really quite mad, don't they? I also rather like Mondays.

  3. I like rain, apart from when it ruins my shoes. I resent having my footwear choice dictated by the weather. I say bring back galoshes.

    On the bracelet- beautiful but wish they'd put a product description in. I can't tell what it's made of/how it's made- resin with gold leaf?


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