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Monday 15 August 2011

Dream Dress: Zara Leather Shift

Maybe it's because it's a burnished metal colour rather than black, but I never expected to be coveting a leather dress. But this dress is more space-y super hero than biker chick. I'm basically imagining wearing this in my very own sci-fi film.

You would definitely be called on to rescue people from space in this dress, it's just the rules. You'd kick all the bad guys and then go for drinks after, you're already dressed for it.

Want your own sci-fi fantasy? It's not too out of this world at £119, and it's from Zara.


  1. Wow. It's so Barbarella!

  2. YES. That's it. That's why I like it. I'd kick rogue alien ass in this dress.

  3. Ace dress... Now if only I could sci-fi me some long lovely robotic legs that looked like that, I'd be all set.


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