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Wednesday 24 August 2011

The Bourgeois and Maurice Band

It's not often that we feature gigs and events on Domestic Sluttery, so when we do you know it's because the acts are fantastic. And Bourgeois and Maurice are just that. Hilarious, slightly outrageous and more than slightly rude. They're also wonderfully talented and the best cabaret act I've ever seen. Now, after doing a stint at festivals around the country, they're back in London for another show at the Soho Theatre. And this time they're bringing  a band with them. A band!

Brother and sister duet, Georgeois Borgeois and Maurice Maurice are basically what Domestic Sluttery would look like if you trussed it up, gave it piano lessons and put it on a stage. I have it on very good authority that the pair like their gin and they're all about 'dark humour and deranged glamour' which couldn't be anything but wonderful. They like singing songs about popular things that people mock - Coldplay, Hoxton, art school. They all get a bit of a bashing throughout their songs. There's also a song about erm... putting children on Ritalin. All in jest, honest.

Their show is only on from 1st September to the 3rd and starts at 9:30 (do get tipsy beforehand). And it's only a tenner. It's honestly better than spending your money on gin.

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