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Wednesday 17 August 2011

Tony Miles' Tap Lights

The industrial look is difficult to get right. The Riding House Cafe have got it bang on, and since my visit, I'm dreaming of petrol-coloured leather and huge urban spaces with high ceilings. A far cry from my usual 'cosy and cluttered' vibe.

I think the two styles can work together, and that's why I'm salivating over these tap lights by Tony Miles. God they're sexy. Recycling and design is just as tricky to to get right, but this works. This works well. These lights are hot (probably quite literally, don't touch them). You can choose if you want one with a flexible pipe, or a solid one. They've even got a dimmer switch! I love old-fashioned taps anyway, but I love these more. Even if I don't have £295 to buy them from LifestyleBazaar.


  1. Graham and Green's version is pretty fab if you are looking for a slightly less expensive option:

    I love industrial because it just looks so good in so many different settings. Lush.

  2. Tony Miles designs has it's own website now and these lights with other versions are a lot cheaper I purchased a couple of these lights for Xmas presents and they went down a treat!


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