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Thursday 18 August 2011

Sluttishly Sweet: S'Mores

We've got my partner's American Aunt visiting at the moment (don't ask me why I've italicised her 'title' -- just somehow seems suitably grandiose). This means thoughts have turned to all things Stateside; and that includes in the cooking department.
American Aunt was telling us about taking her kids camping and, of course, talk turned very quickly to food. After tales of epic steaks and spit-roasting chickens, it was time to discuss dessert. Now, when AA mentioned S'Mores ... well, my delightfully British brain just didn't compute.

What were these S'Mores of which she spoke so terribly fondly?

WOAH. Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow all devilishly melted together over a campfire? Now this I just gotta try ... and try I did. Over and over!
You'll need (per S'More):
  • Two Graham crackers (I didn't have crackers so substituted with digestive biscuits)
  • Two pieces of chocolate
  • One marshmallow
Make it!
  • Traditionally S'Mores are made on a campfire, but for the purposes of this post (and due to the hammering rain outside) I took the English approach and turned on my grill.
  • Take one digestive biscuit and place the chocolate then marshmallow centrally.
  • Put a second biscuit on top of the marshmallow and wrap loosely in tin foil
  • Pop under the grill for a few minutes until the chocolate is melting (although not utterly melted) and the marshmallow is bubbling.
  • Allow to cool briefly then devour (as you pop another under the grill ... and another ... )


  1. Aww we did these at Camp Bestival ... with Chocolate Digestives! Wrapped them in foil and put them on a frying pan on my 1 ring stove :) Win!

  2. These sound brilliant! Always wondered what a S'More was! Will have to give them a go!!!

  3. I've had to consult Nice Cup Of Tea to discover what Graham crackers are: "if a Digestive were ever to get a Ryvita into trouble, possibly at a wild party behind the cheese board, then the resulting progeny may well end growing up to look a lot like Graham Crackers." Saucy.

  4. If you're feeling brave, you can also do them in the microwave. The marshmallow blows up to a huge size, then collapses in on itself as soon as you turn it off.

  5. We used to melt marshmallows over candles, then smear them inbetween two biscuits.

  6. You really must try roasting them over a fire. The marshmallows become caramelized and crispy on the outside. It makes them even more devilishly delish. (May favorite way is to let them roast till they catch on fire. YUM!)


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