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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Sluttishly Easy: Vanilla Vodka

I was wandering around the supermarket, bemoaning the fact that you can always find a good deal on ordinary vodka but my favourite vanilla vodka is always at least £15, when I realised how easy it would be to make it. The clue's in the title: vanilla + vodka = vanilla vodka.

Waiting for the vanilla pods to work their magic doesn't have the instant gratification of picking up a bottle of Absolut Vanilla, but be patient and the result is lush. Plus you're less likely to guzzle it once you remember how long it took to create.

This is also a great way to use up leftover vanilla pods from baking. Those things cost a fortune so I can never bear to throw them away.

Vanilla vodka

You will need:

70cl vodka
2 vanilla pods (add more for a more intense flavour)

Make it!

Slit the pods down the middle, drop them into the vodka, shake well and leave to infuse. It'll be ready to drink after 3-4 weeks. Strain if necessary - sometimes the pods break up - and serve over ice.


  1. for better value vanilla and also much more vanilly vanilla vodka which you can also use as vanilla essense try getting 20 pods from ebay from someone like

    Please note I am in no way associated with the seller I just buy vanilla from them occassionally and its fab

  2. 3-4 weeks? But I'd like some now please. Share yours with me?

  3. Ebay is a top tip for vanilla pods, thanks Bagpuss.
    Siany: swap you for your new shoes.

  4. For more instant gratification why not go for the ever popular university trick of dissolving your favourite sweets in vodka. Skittles take a couple of days (split the colours into different bottles for rainbow vodka action). Gelatine based sweets like jelly babies or marshmallows also work and give you thick gloopy alcohol syrup, though if you get your proportions wrong it can set solid in the bottle which is very distressing.

  5. OOOH vanilla vodka....this looks delicious! May have to try making this sometime!
    My mum makes Mars Bar vodka which is gorgeous! xx

  6. Chapeau Carmine: that reminds me of Homer searching for Skittlebrau in The Simpsons.

    Rosie Alia: Mars Bar vodka? Do tell...


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