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Friday 19 August 2011

Seriously Chunky 100% Wool Hand Knitted Throw Blanket

I know. I know. It's August. It's supposed to be hot and lovely and we're all supposed to be throwing parties for interesting people, not looking mournfully at cosy blankets.

But I've been at work for 12 days straight. I'm knackered. All I want to do this weekend is wrap myself up in this unfeasibly large blanket and fall asleep.

Instead of which I'm moving house. *cries*


  1. Wooh it's like a giant's jumper! :)

    Hope the move goes smoothly, and you have *something* cosy and soft to curl up in once it's over.

  2. Laura Ashley also have something which i think is identical to this, they do it in that colour as well as duck egg blue and chocolate brown with matching cushions! I have them on sofas and besd, they are A-MAZE xxx

  3. It's dark, raining and blowing a gale outside tonight. We've lit the fire and dotted candles around. All we need now is this blanket. Gorgeous.

    Good luck with the move. It'll all be worth it I'm sure.

  4. Sorry for coming back to this blanket so late, but I loved it and wanted to buy it for a friend. The Laura Ashley comment made me take a look in the store this lunchtime, and theirs really is almost identical, despite that it might not look so gorgeous on the website. It is sooo soft. Also, it has 40% off at the moment - first Christmas present bought!


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