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Tuesday 16 August 2011

Black Rabbit Animal Badge Cards

If the girls of Domestic Sluttery made a list of things they liked, badges would be quite high up. So would cards. So would animals, actually. Especially stupid ones like pandas.

I don't know a Domestic Slut who wouldn't want an animal badge card from The Black Rabbit.

Yes, this one is obviously of black rabbits.

Look at this li'l guy!

I like their ears. These mice look silly.

Can't decide which animal you want on your card? Then this one solves that little dilemma.

There are lots more designs, all of which would be lovely without the badges. But then they have badges and I swoon a little tiny bit. They're only £2 each. Two pounds! Brilliant.


  1. £2?? You can't get anything for £2 any more! Let alone anything as adorable as these. Look at the owl's face!

  2. You can barely get a Wispa bar.

    But you can get these, and these are brilliantly brilliant.

  3. That's two birthday cards for friends sorted! Thanks Siany!


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