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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Cute or Creepy: Thelermont Upton Utter Mouth Pots

Every single time I look at this little Utter Mouth Pot by Thelermont Upton, I laugh. That's not to say that it doesn't creep me out a little (homewares involving any kind of human body parts is a bit creepy),  but I also find it absolutely wonderful. I want to put things in it. I'd laugh every single time I did. And there's a little part of my that would hope the mouth talked back to me. Frankly that's both a little creepy and a little awesome.

What do you think? Silly, but ultimately cool and cute? Or are talking vases just plain creepy? If you go with the former, you can buy this from Bouf for £39. If you go with the latter, well that's what the comments are for.


  1. I think it's a little creepy...I'd worry it would bite my fingers anytime I tried to put stuff in it!

  2. What. The. Hell?

    Creepy! Or like a prop from the film Labyrinth, which on second thoughts does make it kind of cool.

  3. It is bizarre, but I think I like it.

  4. I'm sorry I have to do this to you, but google image'Fleshlight' (not safe for work!!)
    That's exactly what this looks like.


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