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Friday 26 August 2011

Beautiful Brass: Elsie Belle Jewellery

Recently, I've gone a bit doolally in my quest for some new statement jewellery. I can't stop trawling the net for something kooky-chic that will attract the attention of strangers on the train, or spark sporadic conversations with people in awkward silences.

So it was a very good day indeed when I found Bristol-based Elsie Belle. Their brass vintage and vintage-inspired designs have adorned the neck of many a quirky celeb, and that's not surprising when you see how beautifully-made they are.

Take this happy-looking whale, for instance. I love him and his gorgeous shape. I might even name him (William, of course). The attention to detail with the three little beads looking like bubbles from his blowhole is just adorable. It's enough to make you blubber. (Blubber, get it? See what I did there? Ahem, anyway. He's £16.95.)

These cute dinosaur earrings rock my socks. I love that you get two different dino-breeds for your money here, and I rather fancy adorning my lobes with some of this Jurassic-chic. They're £10.95.

This hot air balloon necklace is just dreamy. The detail is exquisite, and that little blue rose make it even more charming. It's £13.95, and as this - like most of Elsie Belle's pieces - comes in a pretty gift box too, I'd say that was money well spent.


  1. These are beautiful! I'm completely smitten with the vintage cat cameos:

  2. I love the dinosaurs!! GOT to get me some jurassic-chic! :)

  3. I think they also have the best home page.

    *hums* Tiptoe through the tulips..


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