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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Mid-week Hump

I don't even know how I found Skirt. I think I was looking for pretty dresses (always a safe assumption). But now all I can think is OH MY GOD I WANT A CAMEL SCARF.

Isn't it weird and lovely? That's a definite thumbs up when it comes to scarves. Actually, I'd quite like it if all of my accessories were both lovely and weird. None of my other scarves have animals on, and of all of the animals I want on something, camels come a close second (after giraffes, obviously). Kangaroos follow closely behind.

It's entirely possible that I've put too much thought into this.

It's £69 though. That's expensive even for camels. But I've also really want this sheer blouse. It's in the sale so is only available in a medium. It's got a whopping £100 off and it's down to £45. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on Skirt from now on, they're like a more grown-up Urban Outfitters.

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