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Monday 22 August 2011

Dream Dress: Oasis Floaty Pleat Dress

This dress is all Laura's fault. She was talking about swishy dresses last week and now I want a dress for twirling and swishing. This red pleated dress from Oasis is the most perfect swishing dress. You couldn't actually walk without swishing, it would be impossible.

I imagine if I wore this I'd dance in the street in the rain, get whisked away to Italy, go to fabulous roof parties. In reality when you read this I'll be in jeans getting rained on in the countryside, but until then I'm going to imagine all the swishing. Just as well, I've gone and fallen head over heels for a dress that's £80. Damn you, Oasis. Put your prices down.

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  1. Oh, this is DEFINITELY the swishiest dress I've seen in ages. And is such a perfect colour for dancing. My heart hearts it, but my head says my bank balance can't stretch to that right now. Eep! #dressstress


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