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Monday 8 August 2011

Floral Storage

There are two facts that you should know about Sluttery HQ. One is that it's often messy because I have Too Much Stuff (a Sluttery jumble sale might be on the cards). The other is that in terms of decoration, it's pretty neutral. It's a rented house, so every bit of decoration comes from furniture and home accessories that I've bought and could take with me if I've moved.

Because the decoration is natural (it's a good thing, we've got gorgeous wooden floorboards), I get to play with colour with whatever I buy. And that's why these floral storage boxes appeal so much. I wouldn't dream of buying them if the rest of my home was full of colourful walls and clashing prints - it would be too much. But as everything else is simple, these look bright and fun. And not so chintzy once you've got them all over the house rather than all stacked up.

They're £25 from Urban Outfitters and they might mean that I actually tidy up.

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