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Thursday 18 August 2011

A Reader Asks: Statement Ceiling Lights

Over on our Facebook page reader Sarah Windle has asked for our help finding a statement ceiling light for her new bedroom.

"All I can find are horrid chrome and crystal chandeliers," she writes. "I want something unusual and pretty."

Well, I love lighting so have had great fun nailing down some favourites to get Sarah started. Just as an FYI to anyone looking for very cheap lighting, Asda is brilliant.

A classic design to kick off. I adore Tiffany glass but the originals are off-limits to me until I write the new Twilight/morph into Danielle Steel. This dragonfly design is just stunning.

Tall & Skinny Birdcage Chandelier, £99, Etsy

Take advantage of a high ceiling with this enchanting creation. The designer will let you pick your colours if you've got a particular bird in mind and no two chandeliers are ever the same.

Vintage Colander Lights, £48, RE

If, like me, you have a strange fascination with colanders then hey! You're quids in. A friend of mine recently blogged about how to make lights out of tin cans by puncturing them with holes. With a colander, the job's already done for you.

Vino Wine Glass Chandelier, small, £145, Dutch By Design

I honestly don't think this requires any explanation.

Spirograph ceiling pendant chandelier (orange), £133, BHS

God how I loved Spirograph when I was little. This pendant inspired by the wonderful design game is also available in silver and black and is down to £133 from £190.

If you are blessed with a deep wallet, then you, like me, can become obsessed with Lee Broom's spectacular range of Decanterlights. Unlike me, you will be able to buy one. I love them so much that the electric goes on the blink whenever I look at them. They start at £300 and you can get them from Heal's and from The Shop at Bluebird.

Hope that's given you all something to get inspired by, happy lighting!


  1. I am in love with the dragonfly one! We've just bought our house and are still feeling our way through what 'our style' is going to be - but it fits in with the only thing we're sure of - that we LOVE colour!

  2. Thank you for mentioning our Wine Glass Chandelier.

    It is absolutely fabulous, I have the chandelier in my own home and I always get complimented on the light.

  3. I have a 'horrid' crystal and chrome chandelier... :(

    Luckily I really love it. :)


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