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Friday 12 August 2011

Sluttery Travels: The W Hotel, London

The W Hotel in London is glitzy. There's no avoiding it. It's all very American (given that's where the chain started, it's not too much of a shock) and it's all very glamourous. But there's a bit of English quirk about the venue as well. And let's be frank about this: There's not much in the way of class and glamour in Leicester Square. I had drinks in the bar last week, but before we get to that, I want to show you the rest of the hotel.

It's all very 'modern Dynasty', isn't it? I can't help but love this gold and black suite. The quilt! Not my usual style at all, but I reckon after a stay here I'd be rocking the shoulder pads.

This is a bathroom in one of the suites. Really. It's fabulous and space age-y and I want it.

Now THAT is a lobby.

The bar is gorgeous. Still with the futuristic vibe, even down to the (Preen?) little black dresses that the waitresses wear. I'd happily come to the bar again. But only when it was quiet. The first round of drinks was perfect, as you'd expect from a hotel of this calibre and drinks of that price. But my second lemon drop martini was sloppy. Gone was the lemon twist, instead replaced with a MASSIVE wedge of lemon that I had to leave discarded on the table. Once they get busy, the staff lose their cool and the service drops.

But I haven't written them off just yet, because The Spice Market restaurant looks beautiful.

So how much for a stay in this swanky hotel in the middle of London? Not cheap starting at £280 a night. It's utterly gorgeous, but given my experience of the service it's not the first place in London I'd choose to splash out on. I'd pop in and have a drink one afternoon, or try the restaurant. If I'm paying that much for a hotel, I want the service to impeccable in every way, and a shiny decor won't detract from that.


  1. I went for drinks in the bar a few months back. Lots of fun but VERY expensive! As you say, though, the disco ball lobby is pretty impressive.

  2. I don't mind expensive, as long as I'm getting what I pay for. A shoddy cocktail the second time 'round just smacks of laziness.

    Will, have you been to the Zetter Townhouse yet? I think you'll want to move in.

  3. I don't mind expensive but the ol' bank account isn't so keen!

    As for the Zetter, yes, I have been and loved it. A friend is having their wedding reception there next year so I'm looking forward to going back.


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