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Monday 8 August 2011

Sluttery Travels: Old Observatory House, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of my favourite places in the UK, and there's no better time to go than when the Edinburgh Festival is on. The accommodation in the city books up very quickly, but the Old Observatory House is beautiful and has some availability towards the end of the festival next month. And even if you decide you can't make it in the next couples of weeks, you'll want to stay here anyway.

Isn't it gorgeous? I want to stay here and cosy up by the fire and drink wine and basically never ever leave.

The house has been here since 1776 when it was used by Thomas Short as an observatory - and with clear views across the skies of Edinburgh it's easy to see why. You get gorgeous views of the countryside around you.

The Old Observatory House will cost you £728 for three nights at the start of September. Sound Pricey? Not when you've divided that price between you and seven buddies. That's just £30 per person per night. I might just move in.

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