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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Great tape: Gemma Correll's Animal Parade

I thought the Pugs Not Drugs bag had to be the peak of my love for Gemma Correll. I was wrong. Imagine that you're generously giving that bag to a friend as a present: what is the only suitable way to package it up that could possibly equal the joy contained inside? Why surely some of her animal parade tape of course!

This tape is 33 metres of pure joy: it's covered with a typically cute Correll illustration showing some curious creatures, apparently on their way to a party. There are cats, there are rabbits, there are elephants and - yes, of course - there are pugs.

Put some on your friend's present and you know there will be a lot of squealing before they get to the present itself; put some on the edge of a shelf and it'll cheer you up every time you look at it: not bad for £4.95.

It comes from the shop Betty and Dupree. Aside from having a brilliant name, they're a Bristol based company, working with contemporary illustrators. At the moment, they mainly stock (very nice) but with things like this tape, I'm excited to see who they will work with next, and on what.

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