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Thursday 11 August 2011

Roll up! Roll up!

I adore old fairgrounds. The old ones where you could still get candy floss on a stick and goldfish in plastic bags. New fairgrounds are still great, but hook-a-duck just isn't the same when you can only a cuddly toy.

Despite this, I still get scared by the rides that go really high in the air and plummet, I still have to go on the teacups and be massively bored and I still give myself whiplash on the Waltzers. Fairgrounds are fun. And expensive these days when you realise that each ride is two quid. Let's gloss over that because they've inspired these gorgeous fairground mugs by Snowden Flood.

The 'something for everyone' mug is my favourite. I love that no matter how rubbish I am at throwing hoops on toys, I still get one. That makes me happy indeed.

Each mug is £16.50 at Hidden Art Shop, which is almost as expensive as a day out at the fair, but will definitely last a lot longer.

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