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Friday 19 August 2011

Cushion Crush: Patchwork Butterfly

While some cushions are cosy-up, hide-behind on the sofa while watching a scary film, other cushions are a bit grander than that are are more like beautiful mini works of art and craftsmanship. The work of Patchwork Butterfly, otherwise known as Lisa-Marie Gibbs definitely falls into that second category (and, warning, that second category also usually means pricey). She says it better than me, describing them as things that "become part of your everyday lives, that still retain the feeling of wonder when you first saw, bought or were given them". And they really are wonderful.

All the cushions are based on her own illustrations, and then hand-embroidered. How beautiful is this butterfly girl (complete with cut out felt butterfly)? It's feminine and pretty but quite cool too. It's priced at £95 so no, not a cushion you'd just throw onto the sofa.

Running around in circles is quite different in style. It's really cute: showing a mouse in its wheel. This one is £85.

There's a lovely story behind the Little Bug cushion. It's made from Lisa-Marie's gran's old hand-embroidered tablecloth. Her gran's embroidered flowers look beautiful against the embroidery of Lisa-Marie's bug on the cushion. There's added pom-poms too. This one is £65.

I don't know about a cushion crush - Patchwork Butterfly's designs are so covetable, I think this relationship might be true love.

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