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Tuesday 16 August 2011

Cocktail Hour: Amaretto Stiletto

I was delighted to see my local pub, the Earl Ferrers, listed in the Guardian's top 10 London pubs. I was even more delighted to learn from their website that they do cocktails. And I was super-triple-delighted to read that they do one using amaretto.

I love amaretto, but Bakewell Tartinis taste of Christmas and I needed a summery drink. Amaretto Stilettos blend the spirit with fruit juices, making it ideal to sip outside in the sunshine. No idea why it's called a stiletto, unless it's because you feel wobbly and dangerous if you have too many.

Next time you're in Streatham, drop into the Earl Ferrers and ask them to make you one. One thing: don't call it 'St Reatham' unless you're the sort of person who thinks calling Clapham 'Clarm' is the height of hilarity. But until your next trip south of the river Thames, make your own cocktail at home.

Amaretto Stiletto

You will need:
50ml amaretto
50ml apple juice
50ml passion fruit juice
Juice of half a lemon

Make it!
Pour all the ingredients over ice-cubes in a tumbler, stir and serve. Top up with extra passion fruit juice if you like.

Flickr photo taken from Sarah G's photostream


  1. yummy sounding cocktail but where are those lovely shoes from?

  2. It sadly doesn't say on the original photo but apparently they were only £10. What a glorious bargain.


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