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Monday 22 August 2011

Clipper Sleep Easy

I'm writing this at 10pm and I'm snoozy, smiley and a little bit high. No, I haven't taken anything slightly illegal. I've discovered Clipper's Sleep Easy tea. Or 'sleepy tea' as I'm now calling it. I've even heard it being called 'snooze drink'.

This stuff is MAGIC. I'm not very good at going to sleep. I have a habit of watching bad comedy on BBC iPlayer at midnight. But right now I'm all snoozy and sleepy and ready to doze off. This tea is quite brilliant.

And it tastes nice. Frankly, Twinings, your chamomile tea might send me to sleep but it tastes like wee. This tastes like cinnamon and orange and other things that make you have good dreams about boys you fancy*.

It's £1.35 for 20 bags and it's the best thing I've ever stolen from my housemate.

*I can neither confirm nor deny that I had dreams about boys I fancy.


  1. oooooo this looks interesting and sounds quite tasty. I like Sleepy Time tea for my bedtime drink of choice. It has bears on the packet in pyjamas!

  2. I could really do with some of this tonight.

    One question, is it caffeine free? I assume it is as it's to help you sleep but you never know.

  3. Tis indeed. It's perfect. I have a cup now.

  4. I call this Christmas tea, because it smells like Christmas. And delicious it is too.

  5. I need to get me some of this so the boyfriend doesn't end up on the news for stabbing me. It takes hours for me to get to sleep and in the meantime I fidget for England.

  6. So that's where my sleepy tea supply has been going ;-)

    I discovered that stuff when I was doing my A-Levels and was in a constant state of exam panic. It really does work.


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