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Wednesday 10 August 2011

A Mr Man about the House

The happiest of birthdays to the Mr Men who are celebrating their 40th Anniversary today (no doubt their heads will be feeling as sore as Mr Bump's tomorrow). While no bookshelf is complete without some of their stories, I was delighted to discover Selfridges are now stocking Mr Men homewares. The range is full of cheery products that are guaranteed to brighten your day when you aren't feeling quite so Little Miss Sunshine.

Here's Mr Tall. His long legs double up as a kitchen roll holder - how handy. Loving his excellent seventies style shoes. He'll set you back £7.99.

Mr Strong was my favourite of the Mr Men, probably because of his immense appetite. He wouldn't let a small bit of packaging get in the way of a good feed and neither should you. Invest £9.99 in the Mr Strong can opener.

For those who are a Mr Messy in the kitchen, here's the perfect oven glove. For £6.99, you could use it as you make a special birthday cake for your favourite children's book characters. It's guaranteed to make you Mr/Ms Happy.



    But Mr. Bump was the best.

  2. Ha! I love them.
    I am a Mr. Bump fan all the way. I have a Mr. Bump plaster on my knee, we are kinfolk.


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