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Monday 22 August 2011

You Are Here: Herb Lester Maps

Herb Lester isn't just an excellent name for a louche American private eye. Herb Lester make maps. Not the sort of maps you crumple into a backpack - these deserve some serious wall space.

They work with talented designers to produce guides to world cities that aren't only practical, but beautiful too. They find the best bits to visit from established favourites to quirky and bizarre places too. Their uncle's guide to London features 29 places that they promise will keep adults and kids happy, and comes with painstakingly detailed illustrations inside.

This one offers a tour of "the New York you've always wanted to see but feared might have disappeared forever".

Take a sneak peek at the inside. It's like having a New Yorker help you fall in love with parts of the city you never knew were there.

The Glasgow Companion walks you through 50 usual and unusual places, from parks to pubs to a fish and chip shop with an opera-singing owner.

These glorious guides are only £3 each! Do you know what you can get for £3 these days? NOTHING, that's what. So get your wallets out and snap these up before the rest of the internet gets their hands on them.

Thanks to @imaginarystars for pointing these out.


  1. These guides are great! So lovely to see a Glasgow one which shows so many of our favourite Glasgow spots!

  2. Yes, so nice to see a guide about how awesome Glasgow is rather than Edinburgh. Not that there's anything wrong with Edinburgh, but it doesn't have a cafe as awesome as Mono, now does it?

  3. Thank you! You just keep on solving my present buying dilemmas.


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