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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Sluttery Travels: Hotel du Moulin Petit, Paris

Christian Lacroix gets everywhere, doesn't he? One minute he's on our (dream) couture dresses, the next he's on our stationery and now he's popping up on Sluttery Travels with the throughly gorgeous Hotel du Moulin Petit in Paris.

Hotel du Moulin Petit isn't just a boutique hotel (there are just 17 rooms), it's also a cute little cafe bar. But as lovely as the bar looks, I'm most smitten with the gorgeous details in the rooms. How much do you want to sink into this bath?

I'm in love with this wall. Just love it. Apparently the 17 rooms have '17 atmospheres for 17 ways to explore Le Marias' where the hotel is based.

The building dates back to the 17th century, and was once an old bakery. Now it's a touch more flashy. This mirror is the perfect nod to the designer.

I would love to curl up in this bed. It looks divine. Hotel du Moulin Petit looks like a gorgeous base for exploring Paris (something that I definitely need to do more of).

How much for a stay in this very pretty pile of Parisian bricks? Rates start at €190 euros per night, and go up to €350 for a delux room. Not what you'd call cheap, but not too pricey given the design and the Lacroix name attached. Anyone fancy taking me to Paris?

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  1. I love that it says "little pets allowed", I think I'd have to borrow a very small dog so I can take it with me. And then cart it around in a Velib' basket with my big panini from the man on Rue D'Ecoles!


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