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Monday 15 August 2011

Guest Toothbrushes

I like it when my friends come to stay. And not just because they often bring booze presents. But there's always one that forgets their toothbrush. Always. It's the rule of sleepovers. And there is no way anyone is using my toothbrush. I don't care if I have known you since I was 3. These Bamboo guest toothbrushes are a cute solution (as cute as a toothbrush can be, anyway).

Got more than one guest staying over? Then you'll need these.

As long as everyone is sober enough to remember what number they are, they'll be fine. Both of these clever sets are £12 from Rockett St George. Now, who wants to come for a sleepover?

1 comment:

  1. A fabulous idea but I know if these were in my house my other half would use them all one by one!


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