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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Oasis 90 minute delivery for 90p

I'ts not often I jump on email alerts, but after battling with html for ooooh ten minutes, the Oasis email offering their (from) 90 minute delivery for 90p caught my attention. How could it not? They've promised me that these shoes will be with me by 4pm. How exciting! Sluttery HQ isn't exactly in the sticks, but new shoes delivered while I work from my sofa is very fun indeed. Let's have a look at what other pretty things you can buy in the new collection.

I love the print on this print dress. Retro hearts a go go and it'll see you right through Autumn. I've made my peace with summer being over now, give me jewelled colours, opaque tights and snuggly scarves. It's £45.

These were my second choice of shoe. They're a gorgeous leather and they're just £35.

In just over an hour you could be throwing soup down this sexy white dress. It's £60.

Oasis' from 90 minute delivery will usually cost you £9.99 and it's available in major cities throughout the country (I think they're planning on rolling it out to more). I happen to think that's a bargain anyway - especially if you order lots of choices for a special lastminute night out. Who hasn't ironed a hole in the dress they were planning to wear, or have a washing machine malfunction the same morning? I'll update to tell you what time they arrive (and if I like my shoes), you guys get shopping!

*Update* The shoes arrived earlier than estimated at 3:20pm. They were delivered by a friendly man who asked me to check my order before he whooshed off again and very pretty they are too. The best thing is being able to track your order - quite literally as the courier is driving down the road. Very handy if you need to pop to the shop for a pint of milk. I'm impressed. And I like my new shoes.


  1. OMG- I'm trying it too!! Those brown shoes are mine, all mine!!

  2. I like your shoes too. I might have to buy them for myself as well!


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