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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

K is for... Kryptonite

Everyone secretly wishes that they were a super hero. Even if only for a day. Not a day that the world was ending, that's a whole lot of pressure. Just a normal day, where you could whoosh into a phone booth and come out in a fabulous outfit and kick some bad guy butt.

OK, perhaps not everyone wishes that. But I do. Until I discover super powers other than fabulous taste in shoes and making a decent cuppa, I'm going to channel my super hero love into my home with these gorgeous vintage comic letters from The Letteroom.

Each letter is handmade to order from recycled card and vintage comics. Currently there's a choice of Beano, Superman, Batman and the very retro Bunty. Now, Bunty isn't as cool as Batman but they'll also try and hunt down any vintage comic you have your eye on.

Each letter is £38 and will make a perfect personalised present. There are also sheet music letters, but they don't say Kapow! on them.


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