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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Dream Dress: Kookai Obi Belt

There's a sort of unwritten rule that dream dresses on Domestic Sluttery definitely shouldn't be over £100 unless they're spun with gold and magic or they're a fabulous beaded flapper dress made of 1920s dreams and wishes. But Kookai (yes, they still exist) and ASOS are making me break this rule for the second time this month. It's all their fault.

I just can't resist this silk obi dress, and actually, I think it's going to be one that a few of Team Sluttery are fighting over it. It's the obi belt and all that waist cinching.

That's a fabulous red, isn't it? This dress is fitting very snugly into the 'impossible sexy and demure' category. There's no cleavage on show, there's not even much leg and yet it's sex on a stick. You might even get a raised eyebrow for wearing it in the office.

Mmmm... covered buttons. The back is even sexier than the front. The silk is perfect, the cut is flattering and actually, I think it would be £109 well spent. Now all I need is £109 to spend on dresses instead of rent.


  1. Oh my! You're right, I'm definitely fighting you for this one. Far too sexy for my office though.

    1. Ad yet not really overly sexy. Magic dress. In my head, I wear dresses like this while strolling 'round Paris in massive sunglasses.

  2. Nope - don't get it. Collar is too school uniform and the sleeves are a tad undecided. I want it to work, I really do, but it just raises my demure/sexy hopes and treads on them with a big, red obi.

  3. I love it. But sadly, I don't have a hundred squid.


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