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Thursday 22 November 2012

A Curious Toile

Earlier this week, I got an email asking about a ceramics range with a 'traditional design to them but tucked away in the design were animals with strange objects... like a bicycle'. We'd never actually featured the range before, but it certainly sounded like just the thing I should be writing about. It turns out, it's a range called A Curious Toile from Loveramics.

And it's fabulous.

A pigeon with binoculars on a nice mug. Yes please, ceramics makers. Put more nosy pigeons on everything immediately.

Mirror mirror. Of all the birds, peacocks are the ones most likely to preen themselves using a hand (wing?) mirror.

That squirrel appears to have a small piece of cake. The fabulous Loveramics Curious Toile range is available from Amara and Heal's, with prices starting at a very reasonable £8.99. Although sadly, no one can tell me what this animal on a bicycle is...

So far, answers have included armadillo, goat, lamtb, dinosaur, and tortoise. What is it?! Aside from curiously brilliant, obviously.

Thanks to Kelly for her curious email that inspired this post, until today I had no pigeons with binoculars on my ceramics. Anyone else feeling curious? Feel free... [email protected]


  1. Maybe it's a mink, or an otter or a weasel... or a meerkat?

  2. I think it's an armadillo with long legs!

  3. Like those? You'll LOVE this:
    all lovingly hand drawn. original illustrations by James Ward.
    (new shop just opening I think?)


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