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Monday 26 November 2012

Helpful Hankies

Moi Self is the company behind Helpful Hankies. It's run by two 'entrepreneurial besties' - Tara Willis and Bianca Pal. I really like the cut of their jib. They create thoughtful, not super expensive gifts. You know what? Sometimes my mascara does need fixing.

I like the idea of giving this hanky to a friend who was having a bad day. We all have days where everything goes wrong and we have a bit of a sniffle in the office loos. That's absolutely when you need a hanky that tells you to buy shoes.

All of the hankies are screen-printed by hand and they've got space for a lovely personal message on the back of the pack.

He's absolutely not that hot. Nope.

Sad that your friend is leaving? Just pop one of these into her bag before she hops on that flight. Nothing shows you care more than a gift covered in snot and foundation smudges. If you want some Helpful Hankies, get yourself to Style Chapel, and pick them up for a tenner. I'm hoping to see lots more helpful gifts from Moi Self. And maybe a postcard range, these designs would be perfect on postcards.

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