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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Reiko Kaneko's Cats and Dogs

I have acquired a kitten. An annoying, fluffy little Maine Coon kitten thing called Baxter. He's all ears and tail and being a pain in the ass. He lives in my new flat, looking like this:

I know. He's cute. But don't be fooled by his big eyes and curly whiskers. I now seem to spend a large part of my day telling him off for being a pain in the ass/stealing my food/biting my toes. But when he's not doing any of those things, he's kind of awesome and now I keep finding excellent treats for kittens like the crazy cat lady I'm destined to become. These Reiko Kaneko pet bowls are pretty lovely.

They're really lovely. Actually, I've featured the dog design before - it also comes on a china Christmas bauble and now there's a whole bunch of animal designs.

Screw the cats and dogs, the reindeer bauble is the clear favourite here. I fear if we get a Christmas tree, it'll be on the floor in seconds, with tinsel all over the place and a happy looking Baxter sitting in a pile of Christmas.

The bowls are £36 each and if Baxter's good for the next four weeks, he might even get one for Christmas.


  1. I collect my new kitten on Saturday!!!

  2. If you love kittens then you need these little darlings in your life :)

    1. One is enough. The office is a welcome bit of peace and quiet...

      oh, but they are adorable aren't they? *watches kittens for days*

  3. I have the funniest picture to share but the FB page won't let me share it :(


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