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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: The House of Mischief

Oh, pink damask. How very dull. I'm right with your there, I can't think of anything I'd want on my walls less. But this isn't any old damask. It takes a while to see the mischief in The House of Mischief's wallpaper. When you do, it's a bit of a brilliant secret surprise. I was all 'that's pretty enough, but there's nothing strange about... OH!' which was rather fun.

Still can't see it?

How about now? Isn't it clever. Not unlike the Paper Voyeur design I featured back in June. Damasutra isn't the only bit of mischief available. Here's a paper that's a little more gran-coming-over-for-tea friendly.

It looks like a lovely geometric patten, but take a closer look...

Playful geometric kittens! The best kinds of kittens, obviously. Meow to the power of four.

These are such clever designs (at £130 a pop). I love that they're not over the top - you could decorate a whole room in them (probably not pink damask, maybe go for teal instead, you're not Miss Marple). Friends who came to visit might not even notice that there are people having sex on your walls. There are also cheaper cushion options, and sneaky sexy lady lampshades coming soon.

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