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Thursday 22 November 2012

Brilliant Baubles

Every year, I enjoy the Sian tradition of buying just one brilliant bauble. This means that I'm more likely to spend a little extra on my decorations, but I get something super special to hang on my tree. And I can tell you exactly where these tree trinkets came from, and what I was doing that year. They sort of mark the end of my year for me. I'm very tempted by these Pantone baubles for being totally unChristmassy. I'd like a yellow one. They're £8.99 from Firebox.

Fortnum & Mason have some very lovely baubles in (obviously, they've got very lovely everything). Now, I can't really afford to spend £25 on a carriage bauble that the kitten will chase across the living room, although it's blimmin' lovely.

But I can afford £6.50 on a mini hamper filled with chocolates. That's better, Fortnum's. It wouldn't be Christmas without a trip to the most Christmassy shop in the entire world.

Liberty thinks that sausage dogs should go on my Christmas tree. Liberty is damn right. Especially when they're £6.50.

Graham & Green have some very elegant decorations in stock. Lovely things. I'm not going to show you any of those. Not when there are bristle owls up for grabs. This fella is £6.95 and he's all covered in snow!

These snowy keys have a little bit of Narnia about them, which is always a good thing. They're £4 from the National Gallery shop at Culture label.

This paper globe bauble might be my absolutely favourite of the lot. It's £15 from the British Museum. It's not festive at all, but I like the clever play on the traditional bauble shape. This one wins a place on my tree this year.


  1. I have this tradition too! Actually, I buy a Christmas tree decoration whenever I travel somewhere - my favourite is the little banjo I got in Nashville on a scorching September day.

    I'm sending a link to the pantone ones to our web design team.

  2. I know £15 is a lot for a bauble but it somehow seems like a bargain once you know it's from The British Museum!! I want it now!



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