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Monday 12 November 2012

Customise Your IKEA Furniture With Mykea

Pink Blossom Expedit bookcase stickers, €79 (approx. £63)

For years, I boycotted IKEA. I was a bit la-di-da-oh-no-not-IKEA-I want-vintage-Ercol-or-nothing. And then HOLY MEATBALLS, I actually set foot in one, and my furniture snobbery was well and truly exposed as sheer ignorance. I bloody love IKEA. I feel a happiness in my heart when I see all that blue and yellow shining at me, even when I spot it just as I've taken the wrong exit off the motorway and will then have to navigate most of Scotland in order to get back to where I was supposed to be and buy a bookcase, some sandwich bags, and a packet of mini Daim bars half an hour before closing. Even then. 


I do not want my home to resemble an IKEA showroom. What I do want is these brilliant vinyl stickers from Mykea, all designed to fit and customise the most popular pieces of IKEA furniture. Gimme.

Birds In The Tree Malm double bed stickers, €55 (approx. £44)

Mykea is the brainchild of a group of creative Dutch friends who went out shopping for office furniture one day, only to realise once they'd put it together that their office was going to be devoid of colour and personality. They measured up the different sections of each piece, and asked their arty friends to create designs to brighten their furniture. They had these made into vinyl stickers, and a Big Idea was born.

Day Flowers Malm chest of drawers stickers, €49 (approx. £39)

Search by furniture name to see the stickers available for your stuff, or simply browse the many designs available. And if you can't find a sticker to adorn your favourite style of IKEA furniture, you can send Mykea a request, and cross your fingers they decide to start doing designs for that random cabinet you bought in 1996 (don't get your hopes up).

Stick With Words Lack coffee table sticker, €17.50 (approx. £14)

Their Lack coffee table stickers are a cheap and easy way to enliven a, let's admit it, quite boring table. AND LOOK PLEASE! This Stick With Words design will transform it into a faux-Scrabble board! I love Scrabble, and anyone who has ever had the misfortune to beat me has, quite simply, cheated their way to hollow victory.

Good. I'm glad we've cleared that up.

Has everyone in Britain got a Billy bookcase? It seems like it. I have masses of them, but my books are piled so high that I'd never be able to see any pretty designs behind them. Woe. But hey - books. Lots of books. I'll get over it.

Las Pistolas Coloreadas PS cabinet sticker, €25 (approx. £20)

My telly sits atop a PS cabinet (the cupboards beneath are fondly known as Cable Mountain, crammed full as they are with All The Cables You Could Ever Need Plus Some You'll Never Even Be Able To Identify™). I'll definitely be ordering one of Mykea's PS stickers to brighten it up. What a pity they don't have one that could cover the dent in the front of mine. *OVERZEALOUS HAMMERING KLAXON*

Red Bird Hemnes wardrobe stickers, €45 (approx. £36)

I am so in love with this Red Bird design. Cheery cheery cheep cheep.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking - and rightly so - "Laura, you can't even get that screen protector thingy onto the front of your iPhone without ending up with a boulder and your whole head of hair stuck underneath it, so how the hell are you going to cope with a massive sticker?"

Fair point, people. However, every sticker set comes with a nifty tool to eliminate bubbles/boulders/whole heads of hair. Apparently, they are foolproof. And if you happen to be the fool that proves the rule, they are easily removable and repositionable. This makes Mykea's stickers especially good for clumsy clots like me, but they're also fantastic for kids' bedrooms - once they've outgrown a design, you can replace it with another. There's a lovely kids' collection, including popular brands like SpongeBob and Mr Men.

Mykea is the easiest and cheapest way to customise your IKEA furniture (without causing permanent damage/a nervous breakdown). Postage is a reasonable €15 (£12) from the Netherlands, so my only problem now is deciding which designs to choose...


  1. I am delighted they have addressed the "oh no, half the sticker is upside-down and the other half is somehow in my hair WHY DO I BOTHER" dilemma. These are glorious.

  2. Is it bad that I want to buy the Hemnes wardrobe just so I can buy the sticker?

  3. Yesyes and then you go to Prettypegs and you choose pretty....erm...legs (see what they did there?!) and before you know it you have your VERY OWN IKEA. Sort of.


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