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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Gifts for Geeks: Classic Videogames Heat Changing Mugs

Imagine being able to brighten up someone's day - every day - without even being there. Well I've just found a way, and it's one of the coolest ways ever.

Your morning cup of coffee can be a dreary moment. It's not lunch time yet, you have a mountain of things still to do that day, and no one's noticed the new jumper you're wearing even though it has a cat burglar on it. Brilliant. It's almost enough to ruin your day BUT WAIT. What if your morning coffee was actually a wonderful moment? What if it made you smile and caught the envy of everyone around you? ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS!

How about a Tetris heat change mug? You pour your hot drink in, and then watch with pure joy as the little Tetrominoes (that's Tetris bricks - they have a name!) appear and stack into place. I know! How could that possibly get old? And it's only £7.99 from iWOOT.

You can also have uber fun watching the Pac-Man heat changing mug. Sorry, the little ghosts don't actually chase Mr. Pac-Man himself, but it's still awesome to watch them all pop up on your mug. This beauty is £6.99.

Or how about the epic Space Invaders colour change mug? Row upon row of pesky aliens appear in glorious colours. It's £7.99.

If you can't choose which one should be yours then don't worry: iWOOT currently has a 2 for £12 mug offer on all three of these designs and loads of other retro ideas, such as a Rubik's cube, Henry Hoover and Twister. I'm spoilt for choice.


  1. Oh I love them! Might have to get the space invaders one for the Mr! Thanks x

  2. Excellent! I think my fella is getting the pac-man one...

  3. I just bought the Tetris one at the weekend as part of somebody's Christmas gift :) (the other part was lots of fancy tea so thought it made sense to buy a mug too to drink it all out of!)


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