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Thursday 29 November 2012

She's Filled With Secrets: Kate Rowland's Twin Peaks inspired brooches

I always need a TV series to help me through the winter. At the moment it's Mad Men Season Five, last year it was Twin Peaks. I'd never seen it before but once I'd watched it I started noticing little nods to it everywhere, whether it's references to cherry pie or fishes in percolators. And don't even get me started on owls.

So I gasped with delight when I saw Kate Rowland's brooches on Hannah Zakari, including the 'She's Filled With Secrets' brooch above. Fellow fans might remember this comes from one of the dwarf/black and white floored room sequences. People who don't know or care what I'm going on about still get a pretty brooch. Double win. You may have seen this on our Pinterest last week: it's not the peak of Kate Rowland's amazingness. There's more.

Here's Audrey's brogues, proving that what's stylish in the early 90s can more than pass muster in 2012.   (see also this skirt which would look a treat on Ms Horne). This brooch is £8, as is the Secrets brooch.

From Kate's Etsy store, here's some Log Lady brooches, also £8, and you could always accessorise with Log Lady earrings. I'm also a fan of the Diane brooch.

Twin Peaks references leaving you a bit cold? There are plenty more pop cultural nods in Kate's work to amuse you, ranging from Ghost World to Napoleon Dynamite.

And if you're not bored by the Twin Peaks chat, give yourself a present and have a look at Coop in all his caffeinated glory.



  1. I don't even *get* Twin Peaks and I still want a brooch that tells everyone I'm filled with secrets.

    1. I love the way these work whether you are a Twin Peaker or not...

      (and what secrets? Tell me, tell me...)


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