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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Sluttery by Post: The Seed Pantry

For the first time in eight years, I'm living in a flat rather than a house. Which means there's no garden (it's OK, we have a fluffy kitten). I'm not really known for my green fingers and gardening skills, in fact quite the opposite, but I did like that there was always bay tree outside and I could just pop out grab a few leaves for my lemon chicken. I'd planned on buying citrus trees from the Gluttonous Gardener next spring. Now it seems that most of my herbs are coming from the Tesco Express by my flat and it's not quite the same.

The Seed Pantry could quite easily be named 'Sian, there's a lovely space by your kitchen window, stop buying packets of coriander that you leave to go yucky in the fridge' (catchy title, that). They sell little veg and herb starter packs, perfect for balcony gardens and little spaces which makes them ideal for lazy little gardeners like me.

What kind of seeds do you get? Well, it depends which pack you go for. The Summer veg pack includes mangetout and courgettes. The herb kit includes chives and basil. Autumn veg is full of pak choi and chard seeds. And something called 'spicy leaves', whatever the hell they might be. You can even become a member of the three seasons seed club and get a different box each season. The kits start at £26, the seed club is £70. That's probably what I waste in gross bunches of coriander at the back of my fridge each year. I just need to work out how to stop the kitten from eating the plants as they grow.

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