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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Sluttishly Snug: Excellent Earmuffs

Well the weather gods appear to have set the thermostat to a permanent 'mega proper cold' setting, so there's only one thing we can do: accessorise our shivery outdoorsy times with amazing eargear.

 Accessorize are always a good bet (DUH!) but my favourite of their selection is the rose jacquard earmuffs for £16. Lovely, understated, and they'll go with pretty much anything.

 Following the current trend of 'OWLS! OWLS EVERYWHERE!', Kitsound have created these adorable owl earmuffs. These just happen to be my star buy - not just for the pretty birds, but because they also double as headphones for just £18! You can pick up a pair at Very.

ASOS are always good if you want something glamourous. I can't decide whether you'd look glamourous or a bit bonkers if you wore these oversized Mongolian earmuffs, but just look at the happy face on the model. I have a feeling I'd look equally joyous with a pair of these on. They're £22.

Topshop are, as ever, being all trendy. Their pretty nordic earmuffs are bang up-to-date, with the band being in a more flattering forward headband style, rather than the less subtle over-the-head arrangement of most earmuffs. They're also only £14.

You might not fancy extending your search for the perfect earmuffs all the way to Memphis, Tennessee, but Etsy have some that I think are worth it. The very cosy Hustle and Sew shop do these heart-warming earmuffs for approximately £16.17 of your English pounds with £3.23 shipping. You even get to choose the colour of the band and the heart.

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