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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: The Mark on the Wall

"What if we stopped working and let the children get on with it themselves? Let's not colour them in ! Let's not finish our drawings!"

And that's how The Mark on the Wall came about. Instead of a completely finished wallpaper borders for children, they're freestyle, ready for colouring in and drawing on.

I really want to draw on all of the wallpapers. I'd play with this for hours. In all honesty, I probably wouldn't want an entire living room decorated in the paper, but I would like a strip across a wall in an office or even a downstairs loo. It's the kind of paper that you'd want to be distracted by for ten minutes while you boiled the kettle or waited for takeaway. And when friends came over for dinner they could all have a play. Maybe the takeaway delivery guy could have a scribble.

That's the thing I like about this paper. I know it's aimed at kids, I totally get that. But I want to play. I want dragons everywhere, breathing fire and making trouble. Or maybe I want wizards and magicians. Or one day I might want to draw peacocks. They'd be fun to colour in.

This could be like a fun version of a guest book. I've been to supper clubs where people have notes written all over their bathroom mirrors. It's like that, but ever-changing and a little more artistic. And also, drawing dragons and cars is really fun. I do worry that kids might then take to the rest of the walls and ruin that lovely Farrow & Ball paint, but hopefully I'll be able to resist that urge. You don't have to stay inside the lines, but you do have to stay on the wallpaper.

Want to play and draw and colour in? Even if you don't have kids? This brilliant paper is £40 from Wall Libary.

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