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Friday 23 November 2012

Sluttery Travels: England's Best Windmill Hotels

I've always wanted to stay in a windmill. I still get excited about seeing them in the countryside. It's the sails. Who doesn't want to stay in a house that has sails? It's all very Enid Blyton and in my head that means jam sandwiches for tea and after school adventures. Cley Windmill in Norfolk (pictured above), is definitely pushing my adventure buttons, but here are some more of England's best windmill hotels.

A windmill by the sea?! That's just showing off, Scarborough. You'll get gorgeous views form the balcony suite, for £140 per night.

Brinkburn Mill doesn't actually have sails, but that's OK - the water wheel has totally won me over. Water wheels are just as exciting as sails. Brinkburn sleeps four and you can book through the brilliant Landmark Trust for about £300 for four nights.

Arguably the best-known windmill B&B in the country is Rye Bed & Breakfast. It's a Grade II listed building and despite its popularity, staying here will cost you just £80 a night.

The Windmill in Horning looks splendid, doesn't it? I love the waterside setting. It sleeps four and even though you can only book for a week, prices are competitive and between £375 and £1150.

Not only does Sarre Mill in Kent look fabulous, I like the note that you're allowed to take up to two people and two pets. Sorry, doggy number three, you have to stay home. You're in the middle of nowhere with this one - a mile and a half from the nearest shop. Prices start at £285 for the week.

Oh I'm really torn with Longbarrow Windmill in Devon. It's got no sails! But then, I see that view and I'm totally won over. Without sails, it's just a funny shaped house. But it's a funny shaped house with a splendid view. It's £400 for two for a week.

Now this is a Windmill. Not only does it have sails, it appears to have propellers. I'm certain that Splash Mill actually takes you careering around the Windsor countryside, in a Wishing Chair fashion. This is definitely the best windmill. It's about a grand a week, but it has double the amount of sails as the other ones and that clearly makes it the best.


  1. I can highly recommend staying here:

    This is a restored windmill outside Usk, on the Welsh borders. It's *huge* - and laid out with all mod cons. The views are spectacular, and, even better, you can walk around on the balcony to get a breath of fresh air!
    A lovely review in the Guardian:

    1. That one is lovely! We've got loads of ace windmills. I insist next time that the next place I stay is complete with sails.


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