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Thursday 22 November 2012

Two Fat Robins: Bird Bingo

I seem to be well on the way to becoming a twitcher. First Alice Melvin's patterned placemats. Now Bird bingo is rapidly flying up my Christmas list. It takes that one (quack) or two little ducks (quack quack) a whole joyous leap forward.

Beautifully illustrated by Christine Berrie, it replaces the numbers of a traditional game of bingo with 64 different varieties of birds that range from the more everyday visitors like the Blue Tit, Robin or, indeed, the Mallard duck to some pretty exotic creatures such as the Great Bustard and the Hoopoo.

Fantastically, alongside 12 bingo cards and counters, you even get a small leaflet telling you fascinating facts about your new feathered friends. All the fun of swotting up on your species as well as trying to remember your best bingo lingo.

You can buy it for a not-so-unlucky for some £13(.99).

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