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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Bag lust: Falconwright clutches

Do any of you ever read Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop newsletter? Back when it started, my office mates were curious about it so I volunteered to take one for the team and sign-up. While they have long lost interest, I still read it every week with strange mixture of repulsion and sheer envy.

This week, who is smugger the Gwyneth Paltrow? Me, when the bags I'd bookmarked to write about today were featured in this week's Goop. Ha! Got there before you Gwynnie (even though you - technically - published first). Anyway, don't let us two smug people put you off these Falconwright bags because they are really lovely and well deserving of a Christmas list place.

Falconwright are Sandi Falconer and Danielle Wright who hand-make these simple-shaped leather clutches and purses all the way over in Toronto. What makes them so appealing is their fantastic patterns and colours, whether that's zig zags or pretty polka dots.

There's plenty more delights in their own shop but to avoid shipping fees from Canada, Couverture and The Garbstore have a limited, exclusive range in store. Prices are either £39 or £49 so, while they are endorsed by multi-millionaire movie stars, they're affordable as a treat for us regular human bods too. Though, in this case, I think you're allowed to channel your inner Hollywood diva and want to buy them all.

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