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Thursday 15 November 2012

Once Upon a Time

Finally, this year, I have fallen in love with reading again. It's taken a while and although I never fell out of love with books, running a business and working from home means that curling up with a book is a rare thing. I didn't have a commute, I prefer showers to baths, I could somehow find time to watch every single episode of America's Next Top Model (they're not there to make friends), but not to pick up a book. After a few months of this, I forgot what books I enjoyed and didn't know where to start.

This year, that's changed. I've just finished Scoop and now I'm absolutely loving Rules of Civility which we're discussing on Monday for Domestic Sluttery Book Club (Frances' choice, it might be my favourite so far) and I'm really enjoying reading before I turn out the lights. I'm enjoying picking up things I wouldn't normally, like I'm discovering books all over again.

I'm also using an old train ticket as a bookmark.

Instead, I'd like a Heather Alstead bookmark. It's only a few weeks ago that I wrote about Heather Alstead - she did those gorgeous Three Bears mugs at Will & Glory. Now she's popped up again and I'm quite taken with her new fairy tale bookmarks. Although I think the dragon bookmark might get a bit squished in my handbag.

The Happily Every After design is my favourite. Just poking out of the top of the pages, looking after your place and looking lovely all at the same time. The bookmarks are £12 (a lot less than my train ticket to Shropshire) and will also look very lovely perched across your bookshelf.

What are you all reading? Can I borrow it when you're finished with it?


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