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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Abstract Cube Lights by Remember

Multifunctional objects aren't normally that pretty. They're practical, sure, but rarely covetable. I'm happy to say that these cube lights by German design studio Remember prove an exception to the rule. As a light and a piece of art, they work brilliantly. Look at the abstract pretty!
This one is called 'Dreamy Sunset' and it is pretty dreamy. I love the colours and the contrast between the curves and lines.

'Behind The Garden' is a bit bolder. It reminds me of a stained glass window.
 The cubes measure 15cm x 15cm x15cm and are illuminated by low energy use LEDs.
This one is called 'Candy Frost' and I think it's my favourite. You can use the cubes as a table lamp or hang them on the wall. I'd love a little cluster of them but at £63 each, I'll settle for just one for now! If you fancy some illuminting art, you can buy all three designs at Jasmine Way.

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