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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Welcome Home

It's been a while since I poked my head around Welcome Home's virtual door. I wrote about their brilliant cycling prints last year, and I really should have popped back sooner. Their unusual design and interesting products is going to make any present buying a total cinch.

Neeeeeeeeoooooooooooow! I'm definitely going to need this silver paper plan ring. I'm definitely going to be the most annoying person at Christmas dinner if I keep making plane noises. It's £55 from Hey Jenny Jenny.

Finch & Fouracre's models always go down well with crafty people - starting lengthy craft projects on Christmas day is a bit impractical, with the carrot peeling and Queen's speech getting in the way. This Edinburgh design is lovely and looks dead easy to put together even if you've drunk all of your Christmas booze.

All Christmases are improved by penguins. Trust me. Buy me a penguin and see how happy I am. (I'll look after him, I promise.) Or, I'd settle for a penguin stationery set. It's not as good as a real penguin, but if you're going to start spouting quarantine laws at me, it'll do nicely.

I love this Paris print. I'm always a fan of anything Parisian, but I like that this isn't isn't all about the Eiffel Tower. It's £40 and is going to at least two people I like very much.

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  1. I like the "paper plane" ring, but it's 90° out of alignment for proper "eeeeeeooowwww"ing :)


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